How Small Businesses Are Winning With Video Marketing in 2023!

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Businesses today know video is a critical component of any successful marketing campaign, and data from brands and consumers alike is proving that to be true. On average, big businesses publish 18 videos each month, and that content is met with support by consumers. If you think that is a lot, 86% of people say they would like to see more video content from large brands in 2023. Lucky, this trend is not slowing down; in fact, we are seeing increases in video marketing adoption. Studies show that 95% of large businesses plan to increase or maintain their spend on video in 2023.

Here are some areas where businesses are seeing success within there video campaigns:

Increase website traffic

Video is an effective tool for earning new website traffic and keeping visitors on a site longer. Companies often promote videos on social media and other content platforms to drive consumers to a website, 84% of large corporations said video has helped them do just that.

After earning that initial visit, businesses are then using video content on their website to encourage visitors to learn more and stay on their site longer. In fact, 80% of companies say video has increased their site’s dwell time. Website videos can help convert users by telling a brand story, sharing a customer testimonial, showing the product in use, comparing the product to competitors who fall short and explaining key features and benefits. 

In conclusion, promote your video on social media and other platforms to not only boost visits to your website, but to also keep potential customers on site for longer.

Winning new sales

Businesses are using video to stand out from competitors and convert prospects. While email campaigns and digital advertisement are helpful tools to create customer touch points during the buyer’s journey, videos are more compelling and can help a brand tell a better story. In fact, 76% of companies say videos has helped them increase sales. 

On the flip side, 81% of people say brand videos have convinced them to purchase a product or service. Video has the power to show and promote products in ways text and photos cannot, making it a key tool in the sales process. As a small business, you can leverage video assets to increase sales by hosting product videos on your website.

In conclusion, the compelling nature of video gives your website or social media platforms a serious convincing-power. Add it to your marketing arsenal and watch those leads convert.


Webinars are an excellent way to create and leverage long-lasting video content. In addition to providing value to a prospect or customer, webinars can serve as a lead generation tool; many companies make webinars available for free and require attendees to submit information in exchange. Those leads are both highly qualified and very valuable to a businesses marketing team.

Quality webinars add true value to a viewer and position the host as a thought leader. They usually include a plug for the product but are not too sales-focused. That can turn off viewers. A successful webinar will consist of the following; audience interaction, compelling visuals, a custom hashtag for social engagement and Q&A sessions.

In conclusion, one of the best parts about webinars is the content can be reused; you can perfect the content and webinar deck, and promote the webinar on a weekly basis to engage new attendees without recreating the wheel. As you are considering whether to add webinars to your video strategy, consider the topics that will address the problems your target audience faces to position yourself as a thought leader and go-to resource in your industry.

Educating new users

Videos are a great tool to help prospective customers and new customers understand how to use a product or service while reinforcing the value it adds to their lives. A recent survey shows that 97% of companies say video has helped their users better understand their product or service, and 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

These kinds of explainer videos help users quickly understand a product or service and its benefits without the labor of browsing through dry instructional documentation. It improves the customer experience from the beginning, and it can also improve retention. A customer who does not know how to use a product will not be a customer for long.

If you do not already have an explainer video about your company’s products, I’d consider partnering with a video company to make one. You can feature the video on your homepage so new visitors can quickly learn what your company does, and also share the video in sales presentations, emails and more.

In conclusion, a short video can help consumers understand your product or services in a matter of seconds. Why risk losing your customers’ attention with a less effective approach?

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