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Cinematic Videographers Who Think Outside of the Box
To Help You Tell the Story You Want to Tell...on Camera!

At Blair Williams Productions, we think about what you need in a videographer you can rely on, how you want to experience being filmed at your wedding or event, and how you want your final video to make you feel. We take a holistic approach to your wedding or event making sure we have selected premier gear, our techniques are honed, and our listening ears are on.

Your wedding or event is as much about you and your story as it is about our creativity and the art and science of making a cinematic film. We pour our time and talent into handcrafting an experience tailored to each event. Each video leans towards a cinematic, storytelling style to create a high-quality film that’s every bit as moving as it is true to you.

I am certified by the faa to fly drones

i enjoy spending quality time with my Family

i have visited every nfl stadium while capturing video for the washington  Commanders

 i had the opportunity to interview kobe bryant as an intern at WJLA Channel 7

if i'm not behind the camera, you can find me on the road riding my bike

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While we are super proud of the high-quality cameras and equipment we use, good cinematic films are a byproduct of not just the gear but the person behind the camera. Almost ten years ago, Blair Williams followed his passion for storytelling to the Washington Commanders when he became their video producer. For nearly a decade, he has partnered with public and private organizations—including Fortune 500 companies—to produce captivating videos that tell an accurate story and engage audiences. Today, he brings his extensive experience in audio, lighting, production, and editing along with his innate talent for artistic storytelling to the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia wedding and brand video scene and there could not be a more perfect match. 

founder and Lead Videographer

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lessons not learned will be repeated

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ledo pizza (college park, md)

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People often ask me: "why did you pick this profession?" To be honest, I did not pick it—it picked me.

Growing up, I had aspirations of becoming a sports broadcaster. When I realized my dream was not turning into a reality, I had to figure out how my passion for storytelling could still come to fruition. 

I have always been a TV junkie, and anyone who knows me knows that I'll pretty much watch anything. 

why i love filming... 

Becoming a video producer has been incredibly gratifying. Knowing that what I do for a career can create lasting memories is what keeps me going. There is no better feeling than knowing your work puts a smile on someone's face.

But as time evolved, I began to notice things differently on the screen. When I began to turn on the TV, not to get pulled into the plot but to see how shows and movies were shot and edited, thats when I knew this was the career path for me. Sometimes your passion lies within the place you spend your most time—you just have to dig it out.

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