Helpful Tips for Creating An Impactful Brand Video

Brand Video by Blair Williams Productions

Video is often the fastest, most emotive and compelling tool for brand engagement. The demand for video is increasing, in a recent poll it was discovered that 75% of all mobile traffic was through video. Here is a helpful tip that has been deemed successful for creating an impactful brand video.

Know Your Audiences and Their Devices

One marketing rule that you should follow is, “begin with the end in mind”. Prior to creating a brand video, I suggest gathering data about your consumers, including how they shop, whether via a desktop browser, tablet, smartphone or app. Use this infomation to inform your video strategist from the outset, and do not be afraid to A/B test the data to discover what receives the best response rates. Audiences are very receptive to this type of content and devices are increasingly being designed to maximize the video experience. Many social channels have different design and technical specifications for video but, if you know who you are targeting from the start, your content can be easily optimised for each of these channels.

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